Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials for Belleville’s Quinte Decompression & Pain Clinic. We strive to provide high quality care, so your positive comments mean a lot to us!

I was in agony and very skeptical of this type of treatment, but noticed a huge difference after even the first few treatments. I am now pain free.

Howie G. Kingston

Used to get mild low back pain on and off for many years but only became concerned when it went into my leg for the first time about eight months ago. My family physician told me I had sciatica, gave me pain killers and I tried a regime of physiotherapy, but they weren’t helping. This is the only treatment that has worked for me. My sciatica is completely gone.

Harold M., Belleville

This type of treatment works great for me.

Wally P., Belleville

I had sciatica in both my legs. My MRI showed a big disc bulge pressing on the nerves. After six weeks of spinal decompression treatment the pain in both legs is completely gone.

Jackie P., Prince Edward County

My back hasn’t felt this good for years.

Jay S., Belleville

After going to a chiropractor for a year and a physiotherapist for six months I thought nothing could help my neck pain. After a short while with spinal decompression, I feel it has helped immensely.

Ted E., Roslin

I had two failed back operations for a herniated disc. When the disc herniated for a third time the orthopedic surgeon in Kingston told me there was no way they would consider operating again and that I would have to learn to live with the pain. I was off work on disability and was in constant pain. This treatment has been a godsend for me. The pain is now 90% gone and I have returned to work full time. It has given me my life back.

Cecily S., Trenton

The MRI said that I had a bulged disc at L4-5 that was causing my sciatica. After ten treatments my sciatica is now gone.

J.R. – Belleville